Dancing through Life whilst wearing Rose Coloured Glasses

I came across a wonderful quote today, ‘Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn’t music’ by William Stafford, an American poet and pacifist.

I don’t know about you, but some words work on a subconscious level and my heart sings in agreement.

Almost immediately afterwards I read the words ‘looking at life through rose-coloured glasses’ as part of my mid-September horoscope from the wonderful Sally Kirkman.

For some reason the two phrases resonated and merged together in my mind.  Thoughts of ‘what if life was all about dancing to the tunes that sing in your heart, while seeing life through rose coloured glasses.’

The dictionary defines rose coloured glasses as, ‘if someone thinks about or looks at something through rose-coloured glasses, they think it is more pleasant than it really is.’

Well I for one am always ready to see life as more pleasant, more abundant, more loving, more giving…. the list is endless.  It makes me feel happy just thinking about it.

And if I can see the world through rose coloured glasses whilst dancing to the tunes in my heart, then I’m surely sending out positive love and vibrations to the world at large.

Anyone want to join me?

photo credit with heart felt thanks to: PHOTO ♥ BOOTH via photo pin cc

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