Didn’t we have a lovely day…..

‘Didn’t we have a lovely day, the day we went to Broadstairs’ – OK I’ve tweaked the words a little, but the sentiment is the same as the famous Fiddlers Dram song.  It was Cressida’s 3rd birthday and living at the seaside meant spending the day at the beach hut.  One of this years rare sunny days too – honestly it doesn’t get any better than this.

For some reason the sand is higher in Stone Bay this year.  This means that it’s easier to get onto the sand from the beach hut and as a bonus, it’s nicer sand – can you get nicer sand?  I think so.  Daft as it may seem, the higher sand isn’t damp.  I digress.

Quite a few people and children were coming, so first of all food had to be bought and sorted.  Rolls, ham, cheese, salad, pizza’s (cooked and cut ready to eat), plus crisps and the usual party fare that kids (and adults) love so much.  It was a party after all!

And so the magic began.  Chairs out, towels ready, the children hurriedly clambered down the wooden ladder that connects hut to beach.  Running into the sea, squealing with delight as toes hit icy, cold water.

Older boys kicking balls to each other before grabbing water boards to use in the sea.  Teenagers spreading towels as they soaked up the sun, while adjusting swimware to its best advantage.

Adults drinking tea and nibbling on biscuits as they watched, smiling at the antics of the young.  Or chatting, catching up with each other on a perfect day.

Everyone dipped in and out of the food, as hunger claimed them, until finally Cress’s other nanny arrived, bearing a scrumptious home made chocolate cake for the birthday girl.  It was time to light the candles and sing happy birthday.

Truly, days where it all gels together perfectly are rare.  But not this day.  It was a perfect day and one to store, ready to pull out when the rain clouds gather overhead as they will.  Wish you could have been there…………………

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