How to Free Abundance Money Blocks – 1

How to free abundance money blocksIt would be good to know how to free abundance money blocks wouldn’t it? Yes being the only answer!

If it’s no, well done. You don’t need to read any further, because you’ve already solved, and cleared, any abundance money blocks you may have had.

If scarcity is a lie, then what’s stopping you from being abundant? Blockages around making money, receiving money, saving money, spending money, giving money is what stops you.

Everyone will have their own pet block’s to work with. Because those blocks have become part of who you’re being, it’s going to take some commitment to find a way to rid yourself of them, one by one.

In the first instance you should recognise what caused those blocks. Your life today is made up of the thoughts, beliefs and actions from your past. Unfortunately, most of those came from well-meaning others, who believed they had your best interests at heart.

It does’t always follow that what worked for them is best for you. It’s time to let it go.

The best tool I’ve found, is the ‘who does this belong to?’ tool. Try asking this question for 3 days with everything that pops into your head. It’s only for a few days, and well worth the effort, to see what effect it has.

After you’ve asked yourself, ‘who does this belong to?’, follow with ‘return it with love to whence it came, with consciousness attached, never to return to this or any other reality. And so it it’.

What happens is this; if that thought, belief or action doesn’t serve who you are being now, you’ll release it in full. Now’s it gone from your consciousness for good, leaving you to operate from a lighter sense of being. You’ll know the truth of this by how you’re feeling.

If you feel lighter it’s gone.

If you feel heavy then a part of you is hanging onto it. Ask yourself if you really want to keep it. If no, repeat the question ‘who does this belong to?’ Do this as many times as it takes until you feel the lightness that means you’ve released it. And you will my friend, you will.

Now turn your attention to what makes you feel joyful. Sit in joyousness and flood your body with light. Feel the light pouring into your body as it fills every nook and cranny.

Now turn your thoughts in the direction of an intention you’d like to manifest. Shower those thoughts with the golden light you’ve joyfully created within you. Bless and release.

Keep a notebook to jot down any ideas that pop into your head. These will be pointers to actions you can take to make your intention actualise.

Setbacks may occur due to the fact that a lot of old thoughts, old beliefs and the results from old actions are well established within you. This will entail constant weeding to root them out!

As you release your blocks to the abundance of money, you will be growing your inner-well being. Which has to be the icing on the cake.

Next time I’ll give you another tool to show you how to free abundance money blocks. One tool at a time will enable you to practice and really master them.

Last, but not least, enjoy your abundance, as and when, it arrives.

Huge thanks to Wayne Dyer for the quote and beautiful picture.

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