How do you fill an Empty Vessel?

'Lord, grant that I might not so much seek to be loved as to love.' Francis of AssisiHow do you fill an empty vessel?  It all depends on the size of the vessel, how you intend to replenish it and what you put back into it.  But what if the empty vessel is me?

Being empty feels strange.  As if something is missing, but that something isn’t revealing itself just yet.  Tormenting and teasing, it loiters on the edge of my mind as it plays with my sanity.

I’ve never been completely empty like this before.  My constantly chattering mind would fill any gaps between one idea and the next.  Talking away six to the dozen, try this, or try that.  Or maybe, she said this, he did that, the topics of what had gone before in my life was endless.

And now that chattering voice has gone.  I ask again, how do you fill an empty vessel?  Well, you don’t refill it with the habit of idle chatter that echo’s those times gone by.  Human beings are creatures of habit, and when a habit dies we may grieve a little for it’s loss.

Strange when you remember that habit served no other purpose than to keep me rooted in fear, guilt, remorse and a hundred different ways that I managed to beat myself up with.  Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, addicted to beating myself with a big stick.

How do you fill an empty vessel?  With Love of course.

It takes a little getting used to.  I’ve found a stillness that calms me, strengthens me, and allows opportunities for Inner Wisdom to show up instead of idle chit chat.

A stillness that feeds the soul and lets Love enter each and every equation in my life.

I am an empty vessel and yet, my cup runneth over with Love.

Based in Love, rather than fear, I wait with joy to see where my next big adventure takes me.

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