If Your Mind Is Scattered, It Is Quite Powerless

scattered mindThe Dalai Lama said ‘If your mind is scattered, it is quite powerless.’ It’s true isn’t it.

Today’s world can be a whirlwind of scattered actions. Family, work, friends, you name it, something or someone, always seems to be wanting a little piece of you.

How can you think things through, when you’re being pulled this way and that?

Funny thing the mind. Faced with the bombardments that hit it over the course of a day, it does what it knows best to cope. It goes on to autopilot.

What’s wrong with that?


Autopilot means you’re feeling powerless as your scattered mind shuts down. Consciously unconscious if you like.

It’s not a good place to make decisions from is it?

The good news is that you can take your mind back. Anytime you choose.

Find somewhere you can be alone for 5 minutes. The bathroom can be a good escape route.

Breathe slowly to calm your thoughts. Use the calming method of inhaling for a count of 3, followed by exhaling for a count of 7.

Remind yourself that breathing in always comes before breathing out. It’s perfectly OK to put yourself first – the Universe designed you this way.

Now as your thoughts begin to settle, you can decide which ones to keep and which ones to discard.

Listen to the clarity of your Inner Wisdom now you’ve given it a space to help you with heart-felt, rather than head-felt decisions.

You’ll know if it’s right for you by how it makes you feel.

And feeling’s of joy, peace, happiness, blessedness and more – all the feel good feelings – are your natural birthright.

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