I’m Curious

I'm CuriousI’m curious about almost everything I come into contact with. It’s not that I’m nosy. I really don’t want to know anything that would cross personal boundaries, but I’m curious.

I’m endlessly fascinated by what makes you different from me. And then discovering how alike we are. What are the nuances that make me unique? Plus what makes you unique. Endlessly curious I ask, or think, endless questions.

Today I’m curious about a thread I’ve been following within a Facebook group I’m part of. It’s a Law of Attraction group which is another topic that interests me.

It began when one member of the group “borrowed” a manifesting ritual from another. A book rehashing the ritual was written and seemingly well received.

The proud author shared a link for her book within the group and the plagiarism was discovered.

The ritual is an ancient method that has been passed down over the centuries. My question is this: ‘Does an ancient wisdom that’s been discovered and shared belong to the person who originally shared it?’

Or, is it something that belongs to any person who believes in its power and who wants to share its golden manifesting opportunities to benefit other possible believers?

Nothing wrong with that. Lots of things originate from following a system of one sort or another. You only have to believe. Like a self-fulfilling prophesy, commitment will produce results.

I believe that everything originates from within. Believe in yourself and sooner, or later, magic happens.

I love reading about others successes with the ritual on the Facebook group page. I’m curious as to how they’ve committed their time and attention to reaching some long-held dream.

I always want to know more. Did success happen immediately, or did they have to repeat the procedure several times? My thirst for information can never be sated.

It’s also a place where you can ask for love and blessing to be sent to a situation that requires healing. What’s not to love?

It’s a place where others can share their fears before conquering them, benefitting from the support generated within the group.

Are you curious to know the outcome from the stolen ritual?

All the plagiarised material has been removed. An abundance of apologies and forgiveness have resolved the matter peacefully, as you would expect from spiritually aware people.

It’s a good outcome for both sides and I’m truly happy for them both.

But, I’m still curious as to who owns the rights to ancient rituals from our abundant Universe.

What do you think?

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