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‘Chasing happiness is like chasing butterflies – always a fingertip away.  Choose stillness and allow it to find you instead’  –  Jan Marchant

Have you ever visited the kind of butterfly farm that allows you to enter a world of exotic butterflies?

It’s hot and humid to provide the atmosphere those beautiful creatures require, as they dance around while you wander through them, lost in enchantment.

Movement causes the butterflies to flee. They open their majestic wings, and you can see the all the colours of the rainbow up above you.

It’s magical but out of your reach.  Always just a fingertip away.

If you stand still and lose yourself in the beauty of the moment, then more often than not one will alight on your person.

Happiness is the same. Chase it and it will always be just out of reach.

Still any thoughts of ‘I’ll be happy when….’ and it will find you. Truly magical and always yours if you let it be.

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