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Inspirational Insight - Stillness‘Do not fear to be standing still, because in the stillness your Inner Wisdom shines through’ – Jan Marchant

Time moves swiftly at times, and as you look back, you wonder where it went.

Funny how it always seems to be the good times that fly by, leaving happy memories for you to bring out and cherish.

Those happy times are a direct result of the work you have done by growing your Inner Well Being.

Sometimes it seems as if you have reached a place where no growth occurs.   You are standing still.

Do not fear to be standing still. It’s a plateau of reflection, to be cherished, to honour the you that you truly be.

Why? Because in that stillness lies the seeds of your future growth.

By standing still you allow your Inner Wisdom the space to send you Insights into your best way forward.

A time to love, a time to grow, a time to remember.

Every single minute lies in the path of your thoughts.

Truly it doesn’t get any better than this x

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