Inspirational Insight for Inner Well-Being – Loving Yourself

Loving Yourself‘Loving plus valuing yourself equals deep joy that shines brightly from the depth of your being.‘ – Jan Marchant

Loving yourself, valuing yourself, shifts the emphasis from others back to you. How does that feel? Are you squirming a little at the thought of being the centre of your own attention?

Old, outdated values and beliefs require you to put others first, and yourself last. And here I am asking you to question, and reverse, the status quo.

When you love, and value yourself enough to let go of other people’s ‘stuff’, you make room for joyous miracles to show up, drawn to you by your new lightness of being.

As you blow bubbles of love out into the Universe, the first miracle you experience is bubbles of love, being blown right back at you.

Rising up from your new-found peace of mind, joy bubbles up, and over. Loving, plus valuing yourself resonates with your inner well-being.

Sharing the joy of miracles lights up the hearts of everyone you meet. Truly, can you think of anything less selfish, or inspiring?

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