money-making-magicMoney-making-magic, clarity, guidance and inspiration. Words that take your business to a different level when you take advantage of Judith Morgan’s complimentary Entrepreneur of the Day call.  Having known Judith for many years, and I’m happily recommending her coaching, I’d really like my Entrepreneur friends to investigate this genuine ‘no strings attached’ offer.  All it takes is one click on this link and you can book yourself onto Judith’s online diary for your Entrepreneur of the Day call.

There’s a magic to Judith’s coaching that puts a spring in your step, and honestly, it makes your heart sing with renewed enthusiasm for your business.  The last few years have been truly magical as I’ve grown spiritually, and moved seamlessly into growing the work I love doing.

‘At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.  Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude those who have lighted the flame within us.’ Albert Schweitzer

It’s true that when you’re ready for clarity, the Universe will ensure the right person appears..  For me, Judith has been that person and I’m grateful to her for opening the doors to more magic, more growth and best of all, more love.  Thank you Judith.   It’s best if you experience it for yourselves, and so, in the interests of growing your entrepreneurial inner well being, I’ve asked Judith a few questions:

How could working with you benefit me, and my business Judith?

judith morganFocus and accountability. I am brilliant at shortcuts and good ideas, connections, support, love, warmth – creating what I call a good growing environment, like a good potting compost!  My business skills and mentoring help you grow your business and get to a place of financial stability. My coaching supports you on the emotional parts of that journey.  I also put a community of like-minds around you so that you have a peer group who make you feel “normal” or as normal as we entrepreneurs want to be.

I think we should have a chat and then you’ll see. As you’ve said, there are no strings attached, but it gives an entrepreneur a flavour of me and what I can bring to your business.  It may not be for you, or not right now, but you might know another small business owner I can help and support, so you can help two friends with a referral which is something I do all the time.

I am completely abundant, my intention in these calls is just to provide something useful, from a good listening to a good idea, some inspiration, direction or connections which might speed the way or make it easier or just reassure you are already on the right track.

What kind of person do you love working with?

judith morganSelf-employed people, entrepreneurs and people who work for themselves. The vast majority of my clients are female solopreneurs who work mainly alone at home.  It’s something I have done for nearly 40 years myself so I know that situation inside and out and all the wrinkles, good and bad. And most of my clients, even in my accountancy days, were in that same place too.  It’s lonely and isolating. But it is also exciting, thrilling and a heroine’s journey. I think these people are plucky.

What does taking inspired action mean to you?

judith morganGosh, that’s quite a hard question. I think it comes in two parts. Firstly, working out very clearly what you want and secondly doing what you know to do.  In my experience, what happens next is all sorts of synchronicities and magic which might even knock you off course, but all for the better. The Big U knows best, we control nothing, but we cannot just wait for things to happen to us either. We have to do all that we can from where we are with what we have.

And then simply allow for the miracles to manifest.  Once a client does that – gets clear and gets into action, the very next thing I get is a call which begins “you’ll never guess what…!” And I don’t even need to guess, I know it will be wonderful. It always is.

Tell us how you got into coaching?

judith morganAfter 20 years as a small business accountant with my own business, where coaching came free with your VAT return, I realised I could drop the delivery vehicle and just be with clients in a coaching relationship.  I wanted a way to make a living which didn’t require me to be in any physical or geographical space so that I could work virtually with clients online and on Skype. Then I would be free to travel and live my own dream life while at the same time supporting clients to do the same.

I discovered coaching in 2002, committed to training almost on the day I discovered it existed, and I’ve worked as a coach ever since and loved it.

Can’t see the question you’d like to see answered?  Simple, just get in touch with Judith and ask her yourself.  Honestly.  You won’t regret it.

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