Oops, I made a mistake.

rainbow cloudsOops, I make a mistake. I missed out a word.

I believe the Inspirational Insight should read ‘giving yourself permission to shine from the inside-out allows the magic of you to radiate its healing balm’, rather than ‘giving yourself permission to shine from the inside-out allows the magic of you radiate its healing balm’.

‘What to do? I asked myself, worried that it wouldn’t read as I meant it to be read. Did the missing word change its meaning, or would everyone realise it was bad grammar?

Would I be judged as not good enough by it? Should I have saved a working copy just in case I made a mistake, or should I just let it go?

Questions flooding my thoughts threatened to overwhelm me.

When I’m in the creative flow, it never occurs to me that something might be missing. My mind is focussed on the moment of creating. Sometimes common sense flies out of the window.

How can I take so much care in creating something I want to share and still miss something. In this instance, the word ‘to’?

I checked the Inspirational Insight on Grammarly, but it never revealed my bad grammar. So I checked again, with and without the ‘to’ word. Nothing.

Maybe I’m seeing a mistake that doesn’t actually exist. Except, in my mind it does.

Herein lies the problem. My mind looks at the perceived mistake, and does the judging for me, by dragging up old beliefs that I once held about myself.

Who needs enemies when the mind stores so many in thought form?

But I have a secret. I know how to deal with my enemies. Instead of fighting or disagreeing with them, I befriend them. I give my mind a virtual hug and thank it for its input. After all, it’s only trying to help me.

I visualise us sitting side by side sharing love for each other. In the congenial silence, something magical happens.

The self-induced judgements cease. The need to be perfect in the eyes of the world fades.

My heart expands into knowing that everything is OK. Whatever I decide, it will always be OK.

Leaving me free to create my Inspirational Insights with the wish that they may bring a little joy to those who need it.

And if they don’t. Well, that’s OK too.

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