Reaping What You Sow

colours of the rainbow1Reaping what you sow is about how you use your energy. It’s about how energy returns to you in a similar vein. It’s about what shows up.

Most people don’t believe that’s what happens. Which means they spend their energy in ways that return, and quite often, bites them on the butt.

You might believe that all of life is a lesson. I’d say rather than a lesson, what shows up is old emotional patterns.

Sometimes it isn’t very nice. Meanness, bitchiness, rudeness, cruelty, downright nastiness. Boom, right back at you baby.

Let’s say you’re feeling mad because of what someone said or did. That emotional reaction is going around and around in your head.

The other person may be a million miles away. Inside your head, you’re bad mouthing them. Reliving the emotions, it’s as if they were standing next to you.

It might even feel good to let it out. To get it out of your system. The trouble is that it doesn’t last. The bad thoughts just keep popping into your head at any given moment. And it sucks.

Because you’re focussing your attention on those thoughts, the Universe (who doesn’t do good or bad) sends you more of what your thought process is absorbed with.

Feeling mad becomes feeling madder.

You may never know the source of the actions that led to attracting feelings of anger, jealousy, rage – or any of the emotions that make you feel mad, sad and/or bad.

We’re all human beings, prone to every emotion under the sun.

And that’s OK. But if you want to reap the nicer things in life, then you have to learn to let the mad, sad and bad go.

When those harmful thoughts pop into your consciousness, treat them as if they belong to A N Other. Be the observing self who sees those thoughts but chooses to let them pass.

Watching thought clouds is how I choose to see them.

Reaping what you sow is something you can play with. Monitor your reactions to what shows up. Treat it as a scientific experiment. One where you are measuring how to grow your inner well-being.

The mad, the bad and the sad will always be a part of life. Eventually, you’ll develop the strength to manage those thought storms with ease.

Reaping what you sow can mean rainbows instead of endless tempests.

The other side of the rainbow is your inner sense of happiness.

What do you choose to reap?

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