Is My Soul Calling Me, or Not?

dophinsIs my soul calling me, or not? Just when I think I have a handle on where I’m heading, life happens and I’m back to wondering what it’s all about.

Is it just me?

Over the years on my quest to ‘ find the real me’, many wonderful people have advised me to follow my souls’ yearnings, to put myself first in achieving my dreams.

And yet, I know from the trial and error of living, putting myself first can mean stopping, dropping or eliminating parts of my life that I don’t want to. I just don’t OK.

So I wonder is my soul is calling me, or not? Surely soul following requires some sacrifice on my part.

Maybe, my soul yearnings are just sweet nothings whispering to my heart.

Sweet nothings that tease but don’t tug. Sweet nothings that require no actions to be taken.

Some will say that it’s not my heart, or soul, calling me. That when it happens for real I will know. I’ll just know and everything will fall into place.

I’m not holding my breath until that happens. Life is too sweet, too good to wait for a calling.

Instead, I’m choosing to live my life with a fullness, a richness, that resonates with my inner well-being.

I don’t have the time to wish, or wash, away what I already love about my life.

More to the point, I don’t have the inclination.

So where does that leave me?

Joyfully following my heart. Trusting my inner wisdom will guide me. If it feels right then it’s time to choose whether, or not, I go with it. If it doesn’t sit comfortably then it’s a no. Simple as.

This is my credo: kindness is king, harm no-one or no-thing, live, love and laugh.

My daily practice is learning to be non-judgemental. I can’t say I find it easy because there’s so much happening in the world that I don’t understand.

How can I not be judgemental when, what’s happening goes against everything that feeds my inner well-being?

I am me. You are you. I believe that within our inner shell we are the same.

But our outer shell is a different story. We all have differences within our personalities.

The outer shell forms a protective coating, grown layer by layer from our childhood. Using our mind and thoughts, it processes our experiences to shield us from our worse fears.

A veneer that we grow to prevent the inner core of our being from being assaulted from fears that only exist in our imagination.

Unless fears materialise they are not real, even if it seems like they are.

I believe we spend out lives looking to access our inner wisdom, whilst unknowingly standing in the way of that which we seek.

I’ve discovered that help is always at hand. For me, this quote from Robert Inchausi sums it up:

‘The human mind, as it turns out, contains its own self-correcting mechanism in its perpetual longing for beauty and truth — feelings that take us back to natural contemplation if we would only get out of its way.’

I’ve learned to sit with uncomfortable feelings that feed my fears. To let them drift aimlessly until my mind swings back naturally to it’s innate setting of happiness.

I’ve found that, whilst I don’t have my soul yearning for something different, I do have a passion for sowing little seeds of happiness, and love.

To growing inner well-being, because I believe it’s the birthright of all human beings.

It could be that I’m already doing my heart’s calling because I’m doing what I love.

Truly, how does life get any better than this ?

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