Stories and Illusions

stories and illusionsLife is a series of stories and illusions that we willingly accept as how life really is.

The stories are what we tell ourselves to make sense of what’s happening in our lives.

The illusions are the spin we put on the stories to find the best ‘happy ever after’ that most people seek.

For instance, if we find ourselves in a story that descends into a place where hurt, pain, sadness or any number of low emotions hold sway, our mind starts to look for a better story to tell ourselves as a pain management tool.

Hows that working for you?

In general, it works in the short term but, long term the nasty parts of the story try their best to attract your attention. What was an illusion of feeling better quickly changes to the next maelstrom of a low quality of thought.

One scenario could be you’re happily going through your day, everything’s going well and life feels great. You bump into someone who you know. You innocently asked them ‘how’s it going?’

Unfortunately for you, you’ve caught them at a bad time. You couldn’t have known their dog was injured. With no way of paying the vets fees, they’re frantic with worry. Now add guilt at not wanting to let their four-legged friend down.

Instead of, ‘fine thanks. How’s it going with you?’, you’re hit with their pent up rage finding its voice. Blown across the room by the sheer force of their despair, you beat a hasty retreat.

Part of you stays with the angry tirade that appeared to be directed at you. Although logic tells you to let it go, the aftermath stings. After all, you did nothing to cause such venom. And so the mind begins to feed you different scenarios to make you feel better.

The weird thing is that instead of making you feel better, some of the stories begin to feel as if you did something to cause what happened. It must have been your fault and it’s what you deserve anyway. Who knew that being friendly could be so devastating?

The illusion begins to weave itself into the fabric of who you are being. It’s not real, it just feels real.

Here’s the thing. Those stories require feeding to keep those well-meaning illusions fed. Because you spend time looking for evidence to prove they’re real, instead of making life easier they’re actually making life stressful. It’s exhausting.

So how do you get off the treadmill of continuous storytelling?

The good news is that every single story is just a collection of thoughts. Every illusion is just an image of those thoughts. We’re all making it up as we go along.

And once you recognise the truth of that you can let your stories go.

Step one is to focus on your breath. Feel your body fill as you breathe in. Fill it contract as you breathe out. Now can ask yourself ‘who does this story really belong to?’

Follow with the Access Consciousness tool: ‘return it to whence it came, never to return through time, dimension or space in this or, any other reality.’

It’s amazing how quickly the story dissipates and feelings of inner well-being re-establish themselves to your natural way of being.

Does it sounds too simple to you? Try it for yourself for at least 3 consecutive days before you write it off. Your inner well-being and lightness of being will thank you for your commitment. Namaste.

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