The Sweet Joy of Abundance

We live in an abundant universe that holds treasure wherever you look.  Take money out of the equation and what do you have left? Here’s my personal top 10 Sweet Joy of Abundance.  What’s yours? 1. The sun rising as it paints the sky red, before toning down to golden […] Read more »

A lottery win with a twist

Today while reading Marion Ryan’s great post ‘Autumn Abundance’ it got me thinking about the abundance that had shown up in my own life last week. Mine concerned the national lottery which I don’t always play, as I don’t like to get hooked into the neediness of wanting to win week […] Read more »

A Question of Abundance

Last week I was fortunate to attend a charity lunch in aid of the Little Havens Hospice, based in Thundesley Essex.  I wrote about the wonderful time I had here.  Fast forward a few days later as I was doing the weekly shop, when I noticed some charity workers based at the entrance of the […] Read more »

Heaven or Hell

How’s your abundance coming along?  It’s all in the mind and can mean that life is either heaven on earth or hell on earth.  It all depends on how you use your thoughts at any given moment. The mind is a great blessing.  It’s a tool that can be used […] Read more »

Tips to Inner Well Being – No. 3 Your Abundant Life

An abundant life is something that belongs to all of us.  Today’s tip looks at ways to grow and appreciate the abundance that’s on offer. First of all you have to be able to see it when it shows up.  Simple if it’s numbers coming up on the lottery, a scratchcard or winning […] Read more »

An Abundance of Abundance

Last Tuesday being a good day to start because of the new moon, I began the first day of a programme to grow my abundance.  The wonderful Judith Morgan first shared her experience of working through the  Abundance Programme for 40 Days on her blog (find details of the programme here), so I thought […] Read more »

Spanish Interlude

I’ve just returned to England after a short break in Spain with friends who moved out there about 10 years ago.  They live in Torrevieja which is quite a nice place to live.  Not if you’re Spanish but ok if you’re English. Why?  Because the Costa Blanca is made up of […] Read more »

Being Visible

I have just returned from being on a magical seminar run by Jamie Smart of Salad called ‘If the Secret’s so good, where’s my Ferrari?,’ which is a great title and gets you thinking, and curious if you’ve seen the film ‘The Secret’.  It came out a few years ago […] Read more »