Being Positive 3

Being positive is a bonus when you discover that life can be one big adventure.  You need to decide that come what may today is another adventure where you are going to live your life to the full.  Live it, love it, embrace it.  It’s one of the important choices that you get […] Read more »

Being positive 2

Being positive is an ongoing action where you need to check in with yourself every day to ensure it’s working.  In the last post we looked at what you could do when life throws it’s worst at you.  But of course there is more to it. For instance what about […] Read more »

Being positive

Being positive can be an easy thing to achieve.  Maintaining a positive attitude takes a bit more care and attention.  Self policing is one way to help you stay in a positive mindset. Nothing exists in your world until you give it life.  And that first breath of life is the thought that comes to […] Read more »