The Joy of Surrendering to Love

The joy of surrendering to love is one of life’s blessings. Unfortunately, the twin nemesis of expectations and neediness often create  barriers to love, whilst allowing fear to slip through and hold sway. How do I know? I know because, I allowed myself to be a victim of expectations and neediness for a large chunk […] Read more »

Heart Prints

Whatever our hands touch – we leave fingerprints! On walls, on furniture, on doorknobs, dishes, books. There’s no escape. As we touch we leave our identity. Wherever I go today help me leave heart prints! Heart prints of compassion of understanding and love. Heart prints of kindness and genuine concern. May […] Read more »

I Can Absorb the Loss

‘I can absorb the loss’ struck me right between the eyes, enabling me to find a path through the painful loss of friendship.  I first came across the phrase in Marianne Williamson’s new book ‘The Law of Divine Compensation’, where she writes how her father once told her not to worry, saying ‘You can absorb […] Read more »

My Christmas Wish for You

‘May you be blessed each and every day as you go through life.   My Christmas wish for you’ – Jan Marchant It’s a time of year when heartfelt messages of love, peace, joy and goodwill are sent out into the world. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a card, an email […] Read more »

Dear Mirror Image

Dear Mirror Image, Today I woke up and realised that throughout my life, you’ve been the best friend anyone could ever want.  I wanted you to know how much I love and appreciate the fact, that wherever I go, you go with me.  Thank you. Never judgemental, never jealous, never demanding, […] Read more »

The Sweet Joy of Abundance

We live in an abundant universe that holds treasure wherever you look.  Take money out of the equation and what do you have left? Here’s my personal top 10 Sweet Joy of Abundance.  What’s yours? 1. The sun rising as it paints the sky red, before toning down to golden […] Read more »

Family Love

My family hardly keeps in touch.  It happens.  It seems everywhere I look, other families are floating in the same boat of non communication. Is texting good or bad?  I don’t know the answer, but it’s a blessing in my life, because it enables me to send little messages of love, […] Read more »

Releasing with love

Do you ever have times when niggling thoughts go around and around in your head?  You know the ones, they creep back into your consciousness the minute they find a weak link to slip through. Helen had been having moments like this for what seemd like forever but in reality it […] Read more »

For Mothers and Women everywhere

“From my heart to your heart I’m sending you love It comes from the heavens, the angels above It has no beginning, it’s joyful and true, Heart felt love showering blessings on you” My poem for my mum who is no longer with us.  Her spirit lives on in my heart forever. Read more »