Folk week and beyond

It’s holiday time so we’re off to Broadstairs to enjoy folk week with no child care duties.  Daughter and family are away which leaves an empty house for us to enjoy.  Let the good times roll. A lunch date with Wendy in London meant I would be taking the train […] Read more »

Wot no fireworks

Last week saw me down in Broadstairs so I decided to stay an extra night for the firework display.  Usually there are lots of people and children walking up and down the seafront until they find the best spot. Up by the bandstand is where I like to be.  It’s […] Read more »

Chooks away

Time flies whether you’re having a good time or not.  But this weekend was a non stop fun fest that started with leaving early to get to Biggin Hill for a spitfire special.  My husband had a ticket to see one of the only two original planes which included getting […] Read more »

Children watching

I’ve just spent the last few days down at Broadstairs with my grandchildren.  Always a pleasure and always fun.  I simply would not go if it turned into a chore.  Life’s too short and all that! The youngest was two in July and I’m amazed at the changes that are […] Read more »

Losing control

Phew what a week.  I’ve been child minding down at Broadstairs which is always great as I get to be besides the seaside for a few days every month.  Nothing like a walk by the sea to blow away the cobwebs inhabiting my mind. But did you know (or even care!) […] Read more »

Losing friends

Phew a busy week down at Broadstairs helping out.  It was Dickens week too so kept bumping into folk dressed as per Dickens era.  Got to admire the effort those folk put into it all.  Without them the atmosphere would be so dull. Walked to the bandstand most days to […] Read more »

One of those days

I’m having one of those days where nothing is going quite the way I planned. But rewind to the weekend first.  I’ve just spent the last three days down at Broadstairs and then Whitstable where it all flowed perfectly so it’s a bit of a shock not to flow today. We […] Read more »

Getting my head back together

Do you ever feel like you don’t know if you’re coming or going?  Because that’s exactly how I feel today and I want to get my head back together. I’ve just got back from a trip to Broadstairs.  The sun came out so the beach beckoned and it was as […] Read more »

Sunday Paper Blues

I had a lovely day yesterday.  Despite waking up to that fine misty rain that goes right through you and grey stormy skies we decided to go to Ickworth House in Suffolk on the premise that we could view the house at the very least.  Having been given National Trust memberships last […] Read more »