Learning to Love Yourself

Learning to love yourself can seem selfish because of the bad press it attracts. Most people connect loving yourself to the type of selfishness that screams: ‘They love themselves don’t they!’ Have you read the eBook; ‘Love Yourself Like Your Life Depended On It’ by Kamal Ravikant? I have. It’s changed how I see loving yourself forever. […] Read more »

You are

This time of the year can be challenging for many of us.  A few weeks into the new year money’s tight, it’s cold and it’s hard to start anything let alone carry on with well intentioned new year’s resolutions! The new year is also a time when hope shines like a beacon.  It feels as though nothing […] Read more »

Living with no limits

Can you imagine living with no self imposed limits?  What would you do differently if you didn’t hold yourself back?  Limiting beliefs can be turned around and you can change your life.  You have nothing to lose but your fear of the unknown.   I love Karl Moore’s blog and thought I […] Read more »