Chasing a Dream without doing the Work

Today I had a huge wake-up call around chasing a dream without doing the work. Talking to a friend, whom I’d met at a workshop of a well loved mentor, I was saying how much I was looking forward to his new book. Juliette commented that she didn’t trust guru’s who, in her opinion, […] Read more »

What Illusions Are You Allowing to Colour Your Dreams?

I’ll say that again – What illusions are you allowing to colour your dreams?  I’m asking because illusions appear to be the reality of life for so many people.  Dreams of what might be, what might happen, and whatever else colours the fabric of the day. I’m guilty of illusions myself.  […] Read more »

Inspirational Insight

‘Listen to your dreams – those are the sounds no one else can hear’ – Kobi Yamada Do you recognise the importance of listening to the little voice inside?  The little voice that softly reminds you of  the dreams you hold dear to your heart.  It often gets lost in the nagging of the […] Read more »

Today is the first

Today is the first day of the new year.  Have you noticed that today feels totally different to yesterday.  Yesterday was all about saying goodbye to last year and all that went with it whilst today is about what is going to be different. How strange that one day can […] Read more »

Follow your heart

‘Don’t let your heart rule your head’ is a saying that was drummed into me from my childhood.  Does it resonate with you too?  Mostly it was from well meaning people who just didn’t want to see me get hurt. They were half right and half wrong.  Why?  Because using your […] Read more »

Pushing towards success

Do you sometimes feel like you’re never going to accomplish your ambitions or realise your dreams?  Do you feel as if success is never coming?  Well you’re not alone.  Most people feel like that on a daily basis. You look around and it’s as if everyone else is already there.  […] Read more »

Willingness is the key

Willingness to follow your heart wherever it takes you is the key to finding the destination you are looking for.  Why?  Because your heart holds the secrets of what is truly important to you.  It’s where you store the dreams that keep you going through the hard times. The heart […] Read more »

Committed to fear

Most people I know want to do something different.  They all have hopes and dreams of what they would like to be/do or have sometime in the future.  It’s always set sometime in the future.  Do you recognise yourself amongst the ‘future’ generation? Last week I spent a few days with a […] Read more »

Forgiveness is the art of setting yourself free

Forgiveness is the art of setting yourself free by letting go and realigning your energies to your higher intentions.  Let’s face it holding on to old grudges, old hurts and old anything anchors you firmly to your past and what happened then. Do you really want to spend precious time […] Read more »