I’m Curious

I’m curious about almost everything I come into contact with. It’s not that I’m nosy. I really don’t want to know anything that would cross personal boundaries, but I’m curious. I’m endlessly fascinated by what makes you different from me. And then discovering how alike we are. What are the […] Read more »

Relax, Breathe and Float

‘Relax, breathe and float. I flow through life with joy, happiness and abundance as my guiding stars,’ is an affirmation I wrote for my Facebook page. Affirmations help to ground me in the present moment, the now. My wish is that what I share helps others too. What is meaningless to some, strikes […] Read more »

Play it forward

I’m a big fan of Twitter and Facebook.  This is a bit of a shock to me as I confess to being one of their biggest opponent’s as recently as 4 or 5 months ago. I couldn’t understand the attraction of reading other peoples random tweets.  I couldn’t understand why […] Read more »

The enemy within

I came across an African proverb  which stated ‘when there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you’ and it stopped me in my tracks.  I realised today that I had awakened the enemy within. You see I had been feeling very sorry for myself.  You know the kind […] Read more »

Focus it the key

I’ve just got in from a seminar on Social Media which is the big buzzword in the business world at the moment.  Someone, somewhere realised that there was a big hole that needed to be plugged because lots of business men and women are just not Social Media savvy. So […] Read more »

More social media woes

I love my blogs.  I love blogging.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s a fantastic way of getting out there and letting the world know how you feel.  About anyone and anything.  I’m not saying that people are always kind or use it responsibly but that’s […] Read more »

Getting started in Socia Media

Everybody I know is at it.  Social Media that is.  If you ain’t in then you’re out of touch – apparently.  So yesterday I gave up 3 or 4 hours to network and learn more about social media and how to use it in my business.  So far, so good. […] Read more »