Inspirational Insights for Inner Well-Being – The Power of Love

‘The power of love or the love of power?  You choose’ It’s a choice you make on a daily basis. Do you choose the power of love, or do you choose the power of fear? The answer lies at the centre of who you are being. Living from fear is […] Read more »

Toxic Thought Syndrome

Are you caught up in Toxic Thought Syndrome?  I was. Creating a new kindle book, 7 Steps to Inner Well-Being, it’s almost ready to roll. It’s been edited to the nth degree.  I’ve created a happiness template and I’m ready to publish. Except. I have one small glitch. I’m waiting […] Read more »

Inspirational Insight for Inner Well Being – Heart Based Living

‘The shift from fear based living to heart based living is the stuff of miracles.’- Jan Marchant Life is full of shifts between one thought and another.  The subconscious mind loses the ‘h’ and sifts through those shifting thoughts, searching for the ones that it believes will keep you safe. […] Read more »

Through the Eyes of Others

I made a promise to myself recently, and it could benefit you too.  The promise was that I would no longer see myself through the eyes of others. I’ve liberated myself from the power, which up to now, I had willingly given away to others. You see, I hadn’t even realised that […] Read more »

Excess Baggage

Excess baggage is the fear we willingly cling to because it appears to be real. When you remember that only love is real, and fear is just an illusion, you can ask yourself ‘do I really need this? This story illustrates the stress of holding onto needless fear. A psychologist […] Read more »

Inspirational Insight for Inner Well Being

‘Life is how you feel, followed by what you think it will be.   Feel love, be love, live love. Make love your daily mantra………..’ – Jan Marchant The Beatles once sang ‘Love is all there is’.  It’s probably the truest line they ever sang. Once you know the absolute truth […] Read more »

Embracing Change

It’s all change here at 7 Steps to Positive Living.  I’ve been thinking about moving all my bits and pieces to one home, to create Jan for a couple of years now.  As you can see I’ve not exactly rushed into it. Why?  Fear, that’s why.  Part of me got stuck […] Read more »

Inspirational Insight

‘Do not fear to be standing still, because in the stillness your Inner Wisdom shines through’ – Jan Marchant Time moves swiftly at times, and as you look back, you wonder where it went. Funny how it always seems to be the good times that fly by, leaving happy memories […] Read more »

Sand, Sea and Ice

‘What happen’s if the weather gets any worse?’ I asked Roy as we were making plans to visit Walberswick in Suffork.  ‘There’s a lot of snow forecast.’ ‘No problem’ he replied, ‘As long as the roads are OK we’ll still go’. Coming off the phone I turned to Tony ‘Can’t see […] Read more »

Losing control

Phew what a week.  I’ve been child minding down at Broadstairs which is always great as I get to be besides the seaside for a few days every month.  Nothing like a walk by the sea to blow away the cobwebs inhabiting my mind. But did you know (or even care!) […] Read more »