How to Free Abundance Money Blocks – 2

Today in ‘How to Free Abundance Money Blocks – 2’, we’ll be looking at gratitude, as  defined by the quality of being thankful, of being ready to show appreciation for what shows up for you. It’s not indebtedness because it doesn’t require you to repay anything in return. Instead, it’s a […] Read more »

Quero Apache Prayer

Looking behind I am filled with Gratitude, Looking forward I am filled with Vision, Looking upwards I am filled with Strength, Looking within, I discover Peace. Why not sign up for Inspirational Insights to assist you to grow your happiness and inner well-being? Just enter your name and email address in the box […] Read more »

Inspirational Insight for Inner Well Being – Love

‘Let your heart to be filled with love and gratitude as you shine your light into the world’ – Jan Marchant Joy fills your whole being when you allow your heart be filled with love and gratitude. Starting from the tips of your toes it bubbles up through your body […] Read more »

Are you being too Cheap with Yourself?

Are you being too cheap with yourself is a question that you might like to ask yourself.  Why?  Because you may be cheap with your own needs without knowing you’re doing it.  I know, and I bet you could name a few, people who are incredibly generous with others, but […] Read more »

Dear Mirror Image

Dear Mirror Image, Today I woke up and realised that throughout my life, you’ve been the best friend anyone could ever want.  I wanted you to know how much I love and appreciate the fact, that wherever I go, you go with me.  Thank you. Never judgemental, never jealous, never demanding, […] Read more »

Synchronicity in Action

Have you experience synchronicity in action lately?  You know, those coincidences in life that sometimes tap you on the shoulder, and take your breathe away. Mine latest synchronicity isn’t earth shattering or life changing, but it warmed my heart so I thought I’d share it. I’d been reviewing the past […] Read more »

The Sweet Joy of Abundance

We live in an abundant universe that holds treasure wherever you look.  Take money out of the equation and what do you have left? Here’s my personal top 10 Sweet Joy of Abundance.  What’s yours? 1. The sun rising as it paints the sky red, before toning down to golden […] Read more »

Take Time

The best day planner I’ve come across: ‘Take time to work, it’s the price of success. Take time to think, it’s the source of power. Take time to play, it’s the secret of perpetual youth. Take time to read, it’s the foundation of wisdom. Take time to be friendly, it’s […] Read more »

Family Love

My family hardly keeps in touch.  It happens.  It seems everywhere I look, other families are floating in the same boat of non communication. Is texting good or bad?  I don’t know the answer, but it’s a blessing in my life, because it enables me to send little messages of love, […] Read more »