Living your story

It’s true that everyone is living their story.  Their own version of how they interact with the world around them. Doesn’t matter what’s going on or how well they know someone they can only ever see and react through their own eyes. Not only their eyes but also their thoughts.  Everything that […] Read more »

Getting hacked

I’ve had a very interesting few days.  It started on Saturday when I tried to log onto my other site sparkles 4 life which is one I write for pure pleasure about anything that I feel like sharing.  The problem was I couldn’t log in.  I had been hacked.  I knew this […] Read more »

Being a super hero

Anyone of us on any day can become a super hero.  Truth is we don’t always realise or appreciate that we have become one.  This story from Nathaniel Bronner Jr illustrates this point perfectly: ‘Dr. Marilyn spoke at our staff meeting. She took us through exercises as she worked to […] Read more »