Inspirational Insight

‘When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole World belongs to you’ – Lao Tzu How much time do you spend on ‘improving’ yourself?  Self help books, classes, workshops etc., the list is endless on the quest to be other than who you are now. Guess what.  You are […] Read more »

From Surrender to Acceptance

It’s the next big step isn’t it?  From Surrender to Acceptance.  I’m only just beginning to surrender so surely it’s too soon to think about acceptance.  But as night follows day, acceptance of who I Am is what comes with each small surrender of self. When I am in the […] Read more »

Surrender versus Control

Light bulb moment – I don’t know how to surrender.  It’s quite a shock as I believed that I was quite good at surrendering.  Turns out I was wrong.  My Inner Controller has had the upper hand all along. Away from home and helping out with my grandchildren my Internet connection […] Read more »

Loving Yourself the Greatest Love of All

Do you know the story of Narcissus the son of the blue Nymph Leiriope of Thespia?   Narcissus was a beautiful child who grew into a very handsome man. Leaving a trail of broken hearts in his wake, he wanted nothing to do with falling in love  and rebuffed all attempts […] Read more »

Tips to Inner Well Being – No. 4 Being Present

Today’s Inner Well Being tip is focused on being present in all the moments of your life.  It’s easy to believe that we’re present at all times but the subconscious mind is an expert at pulling our attention away from the present moment. It likes to remind us of all the […] Read more »

Low v High Quality of Mind

The Sunday Express is campaigning for mental health issues to be brought out into the open, to ‘a point where people can talk about their mental health as easily as they do with their physical health’.    It’s a huge issue that affects many families across the UK, but it’s generally […] Read more »

Tips to Inner Well Being – No.2 Being Yourself

Oscar Wilde said ‘Be yourself. Everyone else is taken’. It’s great advice when you already know who you are. So many people spend valuable time seeking perfection.  Today’s tip is looking at being yourself. Perfection belongs to all the parts of you that are missing. It’s belongs to the eye […] Read more »

Totally dependent beings

Many years ago, when I held my daughter in my arms for the first time, I felt a surge of love overwhelm me.  Besotted, I connected to this tiny human being who had landed in my world. Today she is full grown and living her own exciting adventures, but it […] Read more »


I’m in a quandary today.  I don’t know what to do next.  I’ve just completed the children’s book I’ve been working on all summer and believe me it feels really good. So here I am basking in my own smugness of finishing what I started so many months ago.  At […] Read more »

This too will pass

Do you find that when things go wrong or life is tough then all the bad things seem to multiply?  Followers of ‘The Secret’ will tell you that like attracts like, so therefore you’ve brought it all on yourself. Always a great help when the bills have to be paid […] Read more »