Peaceful warriors & more

Recently I read Dan Millman’s book ‘Way of the Peaceful Warrior’ which was entertaining as well as enlightening – does a book get any better than that!  I’d no sooner finished it when I came across a seminar that Dan was holding in London. Being reasonable at £65 I thought […] Read more »

Just being me

As I sat there reading Jamie Smart’s latest installment of his book Effortless Evolution I realised that I was feeling truly happy.  No particular reason – just felt happy. And then it hit me.  Finally I’m just being me.  True to myself at last.  And that’s a massive shift. Here’s […] Read more »

Inspirational Insight

‘True power comes from inner resources, not from outside influences’ Jan Marchant Once you know that you have incredible inner resources, you have the power to change your own life. Taking the time to learn how to tap into your inner wisdom, enables you to make inspired choices. Knowledge is […] Read more »

Hidden Mystery

In the deepest depths of you and me In the deepest depths of we Lies the most beautiful jewel Shining forth eternally Within that precious jewel Within that priceless piece of we Lies a time beyond all time Lies a place beyond all space Within that sacred source of radiance […] Read more »

Making the decision to open to wisdom

Making the decision to open to wisdom is an article I wrote for the Atlantean Body of which I am a member. It is dedicated to combining wisdom and enlightenment by spiritual growth. One of the 7 Steps to Positive Living is ‘Mix with like minded people’ and belonging to […] Read more »

An old Cherokee story

I love this old Cherokee story which may be familiar to some of you. It shows how true happiness comes from within and the mindset we choose to grow. ‘One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, “My son, the battle is […] Read more »