Miracles and Love Hearts

‘Miracles happen when love is your inspiration for living’ is a quote I wrote for my Inspirational Insights emails. As I wrote I felt a strong connection to the words, because I truly believe a miracle is a change in perception. I decided to explore when my perception had changed, whilst hoping to inspire others […] Read more »

Is it procratination?

‘You’re procrastinationg’ Anna told me as I gave a list of answers as to why I hadn’t progressed my latest projects – every single one of them dear to my heart.  ‘Yes I agree’ although I didn’t feel 100% comfortable with my response as we brainstormed as to why I wasn’t moving myself […] Read more »

Life is good

Yesterdays Sunday Express told the wonderful inspiring story of Alice Hertz-Sommer.  At 106 year old she is the world’s oldest survivor of the Holocaust.  She is also a musician who credits her passion and talent for music with saving her life. Despite her horrendous experiences of the war Alice has always […] Read more »