What’s Life Got To Do With It?

What’s life got to do with it, or anything really?  I got a little defensive when asked what was on my bucket list. Said bucket list being a wish list of all the things you’d like to be, do or have before you die. Always one to buck a trend, […] Read more »

Are you being too Cheap with Yourself?

Are you being too cheap with yourself is a question that you might like to ask yourself.  Why?  Because you may be cheap with your own needs without knowing you’re doing it.  I know, and I bet you could name a few, people who are incredibly generous with others, but […] Read more »

Inspirational Insight for Inner Well Being

‘Life is how you feel, followed by what you think it will be.   Feel love, be love, live love. Make love your daily mantra………..’ – Jan Marchant The Beatles once sang ‘Love is all there is’.  It’s probably the truest line they ever sang. Once you know the absolute truth […] Read more »

Synchronicity in Action

Have you experience synchronicity in action lately?  You know, those coincidences in life that sometimes tap you on the shoulder, and take your breathe away. Mine latest synchronicity isn’t earth shattering or life changing, but it warmed my heart so I thought I’d share it. I’d been reviewing the past […] Read more »

Inspirational Insight

‘Sometimes we flow into the wonder that is the Oneness of Life with total ease’ – Jan Marchant   Do you meditate?  I only ask because sometimes meditation is a natural flow into the wonder that is the Oneness of Life.   But it’s not the only way.  For instance going for […] Read more »

Embracing Change

It’s all change here at 7 Steps to Positive Living.  I’ve been thinking about moving all my bits and pieces to one home, to create Jan Marchant.com for a couple of years now.  As you can see I’ve not exactly rushed into it. Why?  Fear, that’s why.  Part of me got stuck […] Read more »

Inspirational Insight

‘Chasing happiness is like chasing butterflies – always a fingertip away.  Choose stillness and allow it to find you instead’  –  Jan Marchant Have you ever visited the kind of butterfly farm that allows you to enter a world of exotic butterflies? It’s hot and humid to provide the atmosphere those beautiful […] Read more »

Inspirational Insight

‘The inherent nature of Well Being is Love, Peace and Joy. You only have to sit with nothing on your mind for it to filter through’ – Jan Marchant Yes it’s true – your inherent nature is Love, Peace and Joy. It’s not something you have to grow or develop, […] Read more »

Inspirational Insight

‘Life is an amazing journey when you explore the infinite possibilities that show up to create miracles for you’ – Jan Marchant When you take time to sit and reflect on the journey you’re on, can you see what an amazing time you’re having? Sure, it’s not without it’s ups […] Read more »