Money-making-magic, clarity, guidance and inspiration. Words that take your business to a different level when you take advantage of Judith Morgan’s complimentary Entrepreneur of the Day call.  Having known Judith for many years, and I’m happily recommending her coaching, I’d really like my Entrepreneur friends to investigate this genuine ‘no […] Read more »

Heaven or Hell

How’s your abundance coming along?  It’s all in the mind and can mean that life is either heaven on earth or hell on earth.  It all depends on how you use your thoughts at any given moment. The mind is a great blessing.  It’s a tool that can be used […] Read more »

An Abundance of Abundance

Last Tuesday being a good day to start because of the new moon, I began the first day of a programme to grow my abundance.  The wonderful Judith Morgan first shared her experience of working through the  Abundance Programme for 40 Days on her blog (find details of the programme here), so I thought […] Read more »

The Spirit of Real Community

February is nearly over.  I miss it already.  Why?  Because, from the 1st of February I have been part of a community called Better Blogging.  It’s been simply amazing and I’ve learnt so much in the short time we’ve been part of each others lives. Better Blogging was set up […] Read more »

Play it forward

I’m a big fan of Twitter and Facebook.  This is a bit of a shock to me as I confess to being one of their biggest opponent’s as recently as 4 or 5 months ago. I couldn’t understand the attraction of reading other peoples random tweets.  I couldn’t understand why […] Read more »