I’m Curious

I’m curious about almost everything I come into contact with. It’s not that I’m nosy. I really don’t want to know anything that would cross personal boundaries, but I’m curious. I’m endlessly fascinated by what makes you different from me. And then discovering how alike we are. What are the […] Read more »

Better Luck Next Time

Watching Peppa Pig with Cressida, we decided it would be fun to make paper airplanes as per Mummy Pig’s instructions.  Together, using a redundant, glossy Sky TV flyer, we folded it the required number of times until the finished glider was ready for launching. Feeling naughty we choose the chandelier as […] Read more »

The Missing Birthday Cards

As I gathered up the birthday cards that were displayed around the room, it reminded me of my thoughts on the day.  I’d been picking up cards from the mat every time the postman called, and had a neat little pile ready to open. One by one the beautiful cards […] Read more »

Who wants to be a millionaire!

I can’t stop laughing.  I’ve just finished watching the Money programme ‘who want’s to be a millionaire’ that was shown on BBC1 last Monday.  I watched it on BBC iPlayer. Great service.  It’s the first thing I’ve gone back and watched but I’m sure I’ll use it a lot.  Thanks […] Read more »

Why is rain so depressing?

I’m not a miserable person although some would probably argue that point.  They’d be the ones who irritate me beyond measure and I most likely look miserable to them because I just want to slap them. I digress.  I don’t want to talk about the people who make me mad.  […] Read more »

Giving to receive

Giving to receive is one of the ways to enhance Positive Living.  There’s a Universal Law that states the more you give the more you receive.  If you are a fan of The Law of Attraction and the myriad of books, videos, seminars etc that have sprung up over the […] Read more »