Inspirational Insight

‘Changing one small thing for the better, is worth more than proving a thousand people wrong’ – Anthony Pivec This Inspirational Insight asks you to step back and think about all the times you’ve wanted to prove that you were right and they were wrong. How much energy did it […] Read more »

To let go

Are you willing to step back and let go?  Sometimes it can be the hardest thing in the world to do.  The hardest things to do are generally the most liberating of all.  Willingness to try is the only thing that’s required.  The following excerpt gives an idea of some of […] Read more »

Clearing wardrobes

Yesterday was the day I had marked in my diary as ‘wardrobe day’.  It was meant to be the day that I finally got to sort out my wardrobe.  To discard anything not worn and not wanted, to pack away the ‘not sures’ and free up space.  Ideally I would […] Read more »

Emotional strangulation

A few weeks back I wrote about emotional strangulation on another site.  Interestingly having lunch with another friend yesterday she was going through something similar.  I sent her this post and she felt it helped so I decided to share it with you too. It concerned a situation I was […] Read more »