How to Free Abundance Money Blocks – 1

It would be good to know how to free abundance money blocks wouldn’t it? Yes being the only answer! If it’s no, well done. You don’t need to read any further, because you’ve already solved, and cleared, any abundance money blocks you may have had. If scarcity is a lie, then what’s stopping you […] Read more »

Through the Eyes of Others

I made a promise to myself recently, and it could benefit you too.  The promise was that I would no longer see myself through the eyes of others. I’ve liberated myself from the power, which up to now, I had willingly given away to others. You see, I hadn’t even realised that […] Read more »

Inspirational Insight for Inner Well Being – Love

‘Do not seek Love. Instead be the Love you are seeking and share it with the world’ – Jan Marchant You seek it here, you seek it there (with apologies to the Scarlet Pimpernel!).  The elusive Love that appears to be, tantalizingly, just beyond your grasp. Here’s the thing.  Love is […] Read more »

Inspirational Insight for Inner Well Being

‘Life is how you feel, followed by what you think it will be.   Feel love, be love, live love. Make love your daily mantra………..’ – Jan Marchant The Beatles once sang ‘Love is all there is’.  It’s probably the truest line they ever sang. Once you know the absolute truth […] Read more »

Awakening and Inner Well Being

It’s that time of year when awakening and Inner Well Being starts to stir within.  After months that varied between grey skies, sleet and snow, the sun has finally broken through.  Doing it’s best to bring warmth to the earth as winter moves into it’s dormant season. Yesterday saw me […] Read more »

Being your Authentic Self for Inner Well Being

What does being your authentic self for inner well being mean?  The Free Dictionary on line defines authentic as conforming to fact and therefore worthy of trust, reliance, or belief.   Inner well being is when you feel whole in mind, body and spirit. A lightness of being that arises when […] Read more »

Give, Share with Love

Did you read about the vicar who gave away £10 to his parishioners?  The recipients were expected to use the money in ways that would benefit their local community.  The Rev Peverell left it up to them to pick and choose where to use their windfall. He attracted some very […] Read more »

One of a Kind

I’m truly one of a kind.  And yet I’m connected to everyone else.  Do you understand the connectedness of all human beings? The answer lies within.  At the heart of every living soul lies Inner Wisdom.  The Inner Wisdom that holds our best interest in it’s grasp, if only we […] Read more »

Inspirational Insights

‘Lightness of being cannot survive without your help’ – Jan Marchant Have you ever held a feather in the palm of your hand, gently blown on it and watched it soar, dancing in the breeze before it slowly spiraled down to earth again? And then you picked it up and did […] Read more »

Truth that empowers

What if within your thought system there is a simple truth that once known and recognised empowered you beyond anything else you have come across. You should already know that whatever is true for you will always feel lighter.  In the same way anything that is a lie for you […] Read more »