Bank Holiday Drama’s

Do you have bank holiday drama’s happening at a house near you? The sun’s shining. It’s bank holiday Monday. It’s time to sit the garden. The wind’s blowing a gentle breeze, but find a sheltered spot where the sun’s shining, grab a drink, plus a good book and I’m in bank holiday heaven. […] Read more »

The Ego wants what the Ego wants

Yesterday I suffered an attack of ‘the ego wants what the ego wants’. I was having a rough day.  Nothing was working out as I’d planned, and I was getting more, and more frustrated.  My tangled thoughts led into dark places. Worse was to come as I began to tune in to those tangled thoughts.  […] Read more »

One of a Kind

I’m truly one of a kind.  And yet I’m connected to everyone else.  Do you understand the connectedness of all human beings? The answer lies within.  At the heart of every living soul lies Inner Wisdom.  The Inner Wisdom that holds our best interest in it’s grasp, if only we […] Read more »