The Joy of Surrendering to Love

The joy of surrendering to love is one of life’s blessings. Unfortunately, the twin nemesis of expectations and neediness often create  barriers to love, whilst allowing fear to slip through and hold sway. How do I know? I know because, I allowed myself to be a victim of expectations and neediness for a large chunk […] Read more »

Old for New

The old car was emptied, one last spit and polish and off I went.  The paintwork gleamed as if to say, ‘hold on, there’s life in me yet.’ But the decision had been made to trade her in for something different.  The last task had been to provide a good lump […] Read more »

Not long now

I’m not Scrooge.  Really I love Christmas and believe that no other time of the year generates such warmth between strangers.  We’re all in it together. The perfect present buying, the tree, the turkey and the cards unite us all in one common goal. The goal to have the best […] Read more »

Cuts that make you think

It’s been an interesting week what with George Osborne delivering his cutting programme to the world.  Who knows if it will achieve the desired effect.  Only time and history will be able to comment. In the spirit of cuts that make you think I thought I would share yesterday’s experience […] Read more »

Catching Depression

How did I catch depression I ask myself on Friday when I was feeling so miserable I could have cheerfully (ha ha) crawled into a hole and stayed there until it lifted.  Well here’s why.  I finally had my consultants appointment at Broomfield hospital regarding my elbow. Don’t know if you […] Read more »