Inspirational Insights for Inner Well-Being – The Power of Love

‘The power of love or the love of power?  You choose’ It’s a choice you make on a daily basis. Do you choose the power of love, or do you choose the power of fear? The answer lies at the centre of who you are being. Living from fear is […] Read more »

Inspirational Insight for Inner Well Being

‘When you’ve been gifted the healing power of love, don’t pay it back, pay it forward’ – Jan Marchant Every step of your journey to wholeness had been seeped in the healing power of love.  It’s impossible for it to be otherwise.  Good times, bad times or, simply indifferent times, […] Read more »

Willingness is the key

Willingness to follow your heart wherever it takes you is the key to finding the destination you are looking for.  Why?  Because your heart holds the secrets of what is truly important to you.  It’s where you store the dreams that keep you going through the hard times. The heart […] Read more »

The power of love

Really the only thing that affects each and everyone of us is the power of love.  It’s not an easy thing to unravel because love means a variety of different things to you and a variety of different things to me.  And that’s where the problems start. Our expectations are that […] Read more »