How do you fill an Empty Vessel?

How do you fill an empty vessel?  It all depends on the size of the vessel, how you intend to replenish it and what you put back into it.  But what if the empty vessel is me? Being empty feels strange.  As if something is missing, but that something isn’t revealing itself […] Read more »

Inspirational Insight

Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love. – Rumi Choices, choices, every day is a plethora of things, people, places and goodness knows what else. Each of those choice’s that pop up, can be a distraction from your heart’s desires. Life is overwhelming […] Read more »

How’s your Communication Clarity Factor?

Writing for another site, I was trying to show the difference between low and high quality of mind.  If you’ve read a few of my posts then you will recognise the term because I use it all the time. I sat back after I’d emailed it off, relaxing into ‘mission accomplished’ mode.  […] Read more »

One button out

Something happened today.  I was trying to access an online training session to learn how to run a webinar.  I clicked the link and I could see Mia on the screen.  I was clicking the button to enable my own web cam when disaster struck.  My screen was frozen.  I could see, […] Read more »

Nurturing Inner Well Being

If you’re not willing to nurture your Inner Well Being, you may as well leave now. This is for those of you who do want to practice extreme self care by nurturing the inner you. The inner you is the essence of who you really are, and not who you […] Read more »

Take Time

The best day planner I’ve come across: ‘Take time to work, it’s the price of success. Take time to think, it’s the source of power. Take time to play, it’s the secret of perpetual youth. Take time to read, it’s the foundation of wisdom. Take time to be friendly, it’s […] Read more »

Inspirational Insight

‘Life is an amazing journey when you explore the infinite possibilities that show up to create miracles for you’ – Jan Marchant When you take time to sit and reflect on the journey you’re on, can you see what an amazing time you’re having? Sure, it’s not without it’s ups […] Read more »

One of a Kind

I’m truly one of a kind.  And yet I’m connected to everyone else.  Do you understand the connectedness of all human beings? The answer lies within.  At the heart of every living soul lies Inner Wisdom.  The Inner Wisdom that holds our best interest in it’s grasp, if only we […] Read more »

Hot Line to Inner Wisdom

Sitting watching 3 year old Jessica, I was intrigued to see she had a toy mobile phone to her ear.  ‘Hello’ she said ‘ I don’t like you’.  ‘Why don’t you like them?’ I asked.  ‘Cos, they keep (an)noying me’ was the reply. It got me thinking.  At 3 years […] Read more »