What Illusions Are You Allowing to Colour Your Dreams?

IllusionsI’ll say that again – What illusions are you allowing to colour your dreams?  I’m asking because illusions appear to be the reality of life for so many people.  Dreams of what might be, what might happen, and whatever else colours the fabric of the day.

I’m guilty of illusions myself.  For example I love to play the lottery.  I’m not a huge gambler – so there’s illusion No. 1!  I kid myself that, because I only spend a few pounds a week on the lottery I’m not a gambler.  Of course I am.  I willingly place my bets in the hope that the big one will land in my lap.

Despite playing the lottery since it began, I have only had small wins – so far.  Another gamble I take is my premium bonds.  I’ve never won a penny – surely it must be my turn soon.  Doh, another illusion I subscribe to month in, month out.

Will I stop?  I doubt it.  I like the rush of maybe, just maybe, I’ll win a huge sum of money, and then the world will be my oyster.

Here’s the thing.  The world’s already my oyster.  I don’t need huge sums of money to enjoy it.  My happiness does not depend on my winning the lottery, or any other illusion I paint with colours that I dream about.

No, my happiness only depends on me recognising that happiness is a default setting in human beings.  Along with everyone else on the planet, I can actively choose happiness at any given moment.

Illusions can, and will colour dreams of any description.  This doesn’t mean that all of your dreams are just illusions.  It just means that while achieving a dream is awesome, none of us need to achieve that dream to be happy.

That’s the illusion that colours your dream.  That happiness depends on doing, being, something other than what you already are.

Something magical happens when you wake up to the the happiness illusion.

You find that you naturally want to make plans to bring those dreams into reality.  They become the stepping stones to taking action.   Finding ways to where you want go, who you want to be.

You recognise that dreams such as winning the lottery, are just castles in the air, pleasant day dreams while colouring in the details, but ultimately, just airy, fairy stuff.

The miracle of true happiness.  Yours for the taking.  Any time you choose.  And that’s no illusion.

photo credit with thanks to: Express Monorail via photopin cc

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