What’s Your Story?

booksWhat’s your story?  I find people’s stories the best adventures in the world, and I’d like to know yours.  I usually ask friends, family or clients, ‘how’s it going?’, ‘what’s new’, or ‘tell me about yourself’, followed by getting comfortable to listen to their stories.

Some stories are like action packed adventures where I get to hear the next instalment.  Some are the threads of new beginnings, because the person in question has completed the final chapter of one story, and they’re now ready to embark on the next big adventure.

Sharing enables the teller to voice any concerns, fears or worries they have.  Lively discussions ensue, exploring ways to move through any obstacles that may, or may not show up.  I can only offer suggestions, or maybe a different approach, after all it’s their story not mine.

Some stories are sad tales that melt my heart.  What courage they show as they simply tell it as it is.  I can only squeeze their hand gently to let them know I’m there, listening to what’s happening in their world.

Most are inspiring, and uplifting.  I want to hug the person (and generally do!) for lifting me up with them.  Oh how I love their wholehearted willingness to venture into destinations unknown land.

Each and everyone of them has taught me something new.  I’ve learnt to take chances that I may not have thought of by myself.  To be brave and step into the unknown.

We all have a unique story to tell.  But did you realise that stories are just our thoughts being acted out for real?

Everything we experience in our life is created by the three principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness.  Syd Banks wrote ‘thought is not reality; yet it is through thought that reality is created.’  As we think, so we create, so we experience.  This is a wonderful gift which we all benefit from.

Think about it.  If you don’t like your story, you can rewrite it.  The truth is, you’re only ever one new thought away from a completely different story.

It’s not about positive or negative thoughts.  A thought is only ever a thought.  It’s a reflection of how you’re feeling at any one time.  If you don’t feel good about your current story, remind yourself ‘I don’t have to think this’.

Allow those unwanted thoughts to drift through your consciousness as clouds drift in the sky.  The gaps between the clouds will enable your Inner Wisdom space to offer better thoughts and feelings.

Remember, the default setting for all human beings is Innate Well Being.  You only ever have to give it the space to emerge.  And in doing so, your story will change for the better, allowing your happiness and well being to grow too.

“If you want your fortunes to shift, you have to begin telling a different story.” –Esther Hicks

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