Whose Junk Is It Anyway?

whose junk is it anywayThe thought, ‘Whose junk is it anyway?’ crept into my consciousness as I was walking along. I was feeling a bit low but didn’t really know why. sometimes life’s like that isn’t it.

I went for a walk to blow the cobwebs away. To enable me to find a little clarity, to give myself space to move back into lightness.

As I walked, thoughts were drifting in and out, high and low, happy and sad. Running the full gamut of emotions, letting them do their own thing, I strode peacefully onwards.

For some reason, I began to think of a party I’d attended a long, long time ago. I was the driver that night, so no alcohol for me. 

I heard, a less than flattering remark about the nicest, the kindest, the most generous person I knew.

They’d become the butt of an alcohol fuelled, trying to be funny, mean-spirited remark. I said I didn’t like their comments and walked away, their laughter ringing in my ears. 

Truthfully, I thought no more of it. Until that moment on my walk, I never realised that I was still holding onto that old junk. 

Junk that wasn’t mine, wasn’t even about me, but nevertheless it was rattling around on some level of my consciousness. I had no idea it was so firmly lodged in my sub-consciousness.

As I remembered, it had brought back all the feelings I’d felt at the time. And yet, it was over. In the past. How crazy is that?

I knew I’d been given a gift. It was out in the open, which meant I had an opportunity to release it. Then I got to thinking about what other junk I might be holding onto that wasn’t mine.

Stuff that I’d picked up on some level over the years. Stuff that made me a victim of my emotions. Stuff I’d thought I’d let go.

I was feeling dizzy with the gratefulness that flooded me. I was so happy it has surfaced, enabling me to do the work to shift it.

I used the Access Consciousness clearing statement, that work’s so well for me. I asked myself if I was willing to destroy, uncreate and release, to let it go and sent it back to where it originated from, never to return to this or any other reality in time, dimension and space, everything that I had picked up and stored in both my consciousness, and my sub-consciousness, that didn’t belong to me, had never belonged to me.

Almost shouting ‘yes’, followed by ‘and so it is done’, plus the Access Consciousness words, ‘right and wrong, good and bad, POC, POD, all nines, boys, and beyonds’, I immediately felt a lightness of being.

I’ll do this as many times as it takes to release the hidden junk in my body. 

I fairly skipped home, all my low feelings had also evaporated alongside the released junk.

I’d love for you to give this a go. You don’t have to know what you’re releasing. It’s enough to know it was never meant for you in the first place. You have nothing to lose because it was never yours in the first place.

Go on, release and shine your light a little brighter each day.

I know I’m going to. My happiness and inner well-being depend on it.

photo credit to The Gypsy’s Soul

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